Col·laboradors dels actes a Montblanc vestits d' època


Montblanc was declared Artistic and Historical Monuments in 1947, is the capital of the Conca de Barbera, located near the mountains of Prades and the monastery of Poblet.

The town acquired special importance during the Middle Ages, a period in which built the church of St. Michael Convent of San Francisco, the sanctuary and the monastery of Serra, Josa The House of the Town Hall, the Royal Palace and the Jewish or Jewish Quarter.

Religious architecture of the church of Santa Maria Major, also known as Cathedral of Mountain. It is a Gothic building unfinished with aisles, a nave and vaults. The cover is of Renaissance style.

You can also visit the church of San Miguel, a valuable timber roof painted, and the old Hospital de Santa Magdalena, Gothic and Renaissance.

The medieval walls, which date from the time of Peter the Ceremoniós, consisting of 31 towers and 5 gates: among the top highlights Torrent Portal Bové and the Tower of Five Sides, among the latter, the San Francisco, the site of San Antonio, the site of castles and the portal of St. George.

In the main square of the town are preserved old porches with Romanesque arches and the Major Source.