El poble de Guimerà és un poble amb molt d' encant.


We will follow the story of Guimerà through a troubadour who arrived 600 years ago, toured the streets and squares, to the castle where greets Galceran de Pinos, lord of Guimerà, where he delivered the letters in which it requested permission to consult the file and castle library.

The feudal lord explained the history and origins of the town and its first settlers were the Iberians’s first inhabitants were Guimerà after spreading throughout the Vall del Corb.

Library could consult scrolls and documents were stored in drawers and closets and where stories about the origin and name of Guimerà were explained.

Coinciding with the second weekend of August is celebrated an important event in Guimerà, traditional law medieval market, which was given to the town by Jaime II in the year 1294.

Over time it has been adapted, in this latest edition, shows a surprising vitality, becoming an interesting platform for cultural dissemination in all aspects.

Other activities have been acts, audiovisual, more than a hundred stalls selling, demonstrations of ancient crafts, performances, and all dressed in typical costumes, which cross streets and squares adorned with a special type, which take us to the medieval and two days attract a significant number of visitors from Catalonia.

For this and for many other things, all our customers from the cottage The Clos always advise and invite them to visit Guimerà, a town listed (BCIN), National Interest