About us

It was in 1997 that the idea to devote to rural tourism. The need to give a more creative approach to our lives, was the cause of this change, and chose Conesa, my wife’s hometown, to make it happen.

From the beginning we chose to develop a quality project, renovating an old house with architectural and aesthetic criteria in line with the traditional buildings of the area, making it a pleasant and cozy lodgings independent, we opened the eve of our 24th anniversary wedding , on July 4, 1999.

The firm El Clos, will offer our customers a pioneering establishment and benchmark the tourism sector of the inland regions of Tarragona, in which we have a wealth of attractions including the Cistercian within the brand Costa Dorada made ​​us have a good acceptance

In 2004 we completed the process of implementing the system “Q” for quality, promoted by the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality, and in December of the same year, the Generalitat de Catalunya gave us the Tourism Merit Diploma.

Our motto El Clos, is to offer our customers a charming place with an eye for detail. making them feel like they’re at home, which is why all this time has made us feel made ​​and we feel fortunate to have achieved many good goals.

Foto Joaquim i Maria

In june of 2012 we opened The Spa Clos a new challenge that we hope to overcome with the same enthusiasm we started despite these current times of uncertainty to try to cope, as far as possible by offering more and better quality services, seeking the satisfaction of our customers, and the proof is in the many writings that have left in our guest books, of which there are a small sample on the web.

Joaquin and Maria